Community Engagement in Action

We have already been asked by a number of forward thinking organisations to become stakeholders and to set up and carry out cost effective survey systems for them.

“Community Surveys” are in the third sector, acting only as social enterprise facilitators, ensuring that the local database and survey engine will be secured from control by national, local government or political parties.

We all know the problems of National Databases and we have no intention of going down this route as we feel that locally based and updated database platforms are far more secure and user friendly and we will only keep on them the minimum required to carry out our tasks. The data will not be sold on or shared. Those who are hard to reach, not computer literate or those just wishing to continue using paper based systems are catered for using libraries and community groups.

Each community will be offered the facility of using our database system and survey engine, including a cutting edge Internet Protocol TV facility offered through our partners Propeller.

We believe this will allow people to “make a difference” by giving their elected representatives and those employed to act on their behalf, hard evidence of the publics views in a form that represents the profile of their individual area.

Imagine an MP being able to ask enough of their constituents to give their views of important issues in front of Parliament and get a swift and cost effective response to guide the MP in their response. This is what Community Surveys has set out to do.

Locally controlled or influenced, police, councils, health organisations will be able to act and invest in the knowledge that they are carrying out the wishes of those they represent and the voters will have a chance to give their opinions on specific issues throughout the parliamentary calendar.

Please contact Richard Bellamy, who is leading the Community Surveys activities, on +44 1472 580 708 to become a stakeholder or just be involved. January 2008

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